HIII all you amazing beautiful people!!! I want to take the time to introduce our company’s CEO and founder, Riley, AKA, me!! Who also happens to be the company designer, creative and marketing director, production manager, and even the one in all the pics! I’m a 20 year old college student where some people may know me from social media but most importantly, I am a certified lover girl with a huge heart for fashion, which is what inspired me to start this brand. My DREAM is for everyone wearing Jane Doh to feel their most confident self. I design every last detail to perfection, ensuring each piece produced is something I would feel my best in.  

Why the name Jane Doh??? Jane is actually my middle name, and a Jane Doe is a name commonly used in legal context for a unidentified female. I added my own spice with a change in the spelling, and with that being said our brand Jane Doh embodies a sense of individuality and resilience while embracing uniqueness. If you want to be anything BE YOURSELF, that’s the best way to be <3

I am SO glad to be here and even more glad YOU’RE here. Stay awhile! LOVE YA xoxo

-Riley Jane Saurage